Sunday, 19 October 2008

The White Tiger

Just finished a new job for Norwegian publisher Cappelen Damm.
The brief was to produce a new piece for Aravind Adiga's now Booker Prize-winning "White Tiger", which had already been published in the UK.

Trying not to repeat the already established cover, I made several sketches focussing on Balram - the main character and his world as seen from his point of view. Eventually the designer and editor went for the scene with Balram in his driver's seat, showing only a glimpse of his troubled face.

I then did the various elements, drawings and handwritten type to be included (in my favourite 25x25cm sketchbook) and scanned everything for assembly and colouring in Photoshop. For the car reference I found several interior shots of the actual car model online and got a mate to pose in his car.

Early stage:

Finished cover with flaps:

Finished print:


Teresa Murfin said...

I like seeing each stage of a project! Looks great x

cold*toes said...

Veldig spennende å se prosessen bak omslaget. Jeg har akkurat lest denne boka, og har kun sett den engelske versjonen. Må se etter denne neste gang jeg er i Norge - den ser veldig bra ut!

Kom akkurat over bloggen din og sitter å kikker litt bakover :)

Eivind Gulliksen said...

Hei Cold, takk for det. Fine saker på din blogg og. :-)